The Secrets of Classic Style…


Having classic style involves the use of simple, sophisticated and timeless outfits.

Firstly, remember this:

Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it. Fashion fades, however style is timeless.


So! Without further ado, please read on to learn my tips of the elegance of classic style!


Invest in good quality clothing that can be mixed and matched with each other.

For example, a warm but light trench coat, the perfect pair of jeans, a fitted white shirt, a structured blazer, monochrome jumpers, tailored trousers, a basic knee-length pencil skirt, the little black dress, a pair of crisp cream chinos… the list is endless!


Use neutral, monochrome colours.

Black, grey, beige, brown, navy, white and cream. These colours are the most versatile for mixing and matching.


Classic style is modest.

Classic style is not a showy-off way of dressing, it is actually very modest! Just like the style of clothes, whereby no bra, bottom or belly should be on show. The style also includes wearing clothes that fit well, which means a quick (and inexpensive) trip to the tailor or seamstress is occasionally needed after shopping or after time.


Invest in quality.

Invest in clothing made of classic materials, which are: cotton, wool, linen and silk. Clothing made of these materials will last decades if looked after properly by keeping them neat and clean. When wearing, make sure they are free of wrinkles, holes, loose threads and missing buttons.


Simplicity is key.

Classic style is unfussy. Shoes should be practical and comfortable, alongside being stylish! Wear delicate jewelry and have neat, natural-inspired hair, nails and makeup. Above all: never over-accessorize.

The most elegant woman to live, Coco Chanel, was said to have advised the following in regards to accessories: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”



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