Inspiration in two words

  1. Love yourself
  2. Aim high
  3. Be kind
  4. Be you
  5. Cherish today
  6. Don’t stop
  7. Enjoy today
  8. Don’t fear
  9. Have balance
  10. Almost there
  11. Well done
  12. Have faith
  13. Believe patiently
  14. Keep calm
  15. Smile darling
  16. Laugh today
  17. Look inside
  18. Love deeply
  19. Miracles happen
  20. Rise above
  21. Shine bright
  22. Slow down
  23. Stay strong
  24. Thank yourself
  25. Treasure yourself
  26. Try again
  27. Unconditional love
  28. You matter
  29. You shine
  30. I can


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Yummy cupcake topping ideas…


Nutella as a glaze

Greek yoghurt or whipped cream and fruit

Mascarpone cheese, powdered sugar and heavy cream (and sprinkles)

Crunched chocolate bars

Broken cookies

Edible flowers (of course!)


Hope you try one of these ideas this week! x











Credit and thanks to: Life as a strawberry and Spoon university

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