Old Fashioned Beauty Tips

The women of around our mother or grandmothers age were, in my opinion, some of the most glamorous and iconic. Think Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood… I wanted to know their secrets on how they seemed so naturally glamorous, so I delved into some old fashioned housewife beauty secrets that women used to use, such as…

They would use baking soda on teeth as a natural teeth whitener

And popped raw potato slices on their eyes to combat dark circles

Retro women also used lemon juice to add highlights to their hair instead of going to the hairdresser

And they dabbed apple cider vinegar on pimples to dry them out

And used oranges to rub away dry elbow skin

Or olive oil to moisturise their skin – whichever skin type they had – there was a household beauty cure for it!

And they popped chilled (used) tea bags on their morning puffy eyes

Also they would mix rosewater + glycerine + witch hazel and use this as a hand cream


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