Do you have minimalist or maximalist style?


Are you a Minimalist?

Do you stick to a limited colour palette?

Do you prefer wearing more simple cuts of clothing?

Do you keep accessories to a minimum?

Do you not own anything you don’t actually like or wear?

Minimalists tend to wear timeless pieces, not trends. Some use the more monochromatic colours, and often only have around 50 pieces of clothing in their timeless, capsule wardrobe. They also invest in quality, comfortable and stylish clothes that they adore and will wear for years. Their classic style doesn’t mean boring, often minimalists enjoy a style that is ‘classic with a twist’, mixing fabrics and shades, such as a white blouse tucked into well-fitted straight leg jeans and ballet flats.


Are you a Maximalist?

Do you love to wear bright colours?

Do you consider neutrals boring?

Do you wear a lot of loud prints?

Do you mis-match and layer anything you can?

Maximalism is an approach to fashion that really, only the style conscious individuals can truly master, otherwise you could end up looking clowney. Self-expression is at its core with the maximalist style, with ruffles, embroidery and embellishments within their over-the-top pieces hanging in her wardrobe – it’s all about defying any style rules and just have fun with fashion.


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