Mezcal, rum, lime juice, curacao, orgeat, ice, mint sprig, lime wheel and an orchid… X

Grapefruit juice, lavender syrup, grenadine, soda, basil and lavender sprigs… X


Fennel fronds, lemon wheels, sparkling wine, Campari, syrup and ice… X


Rum, lemon juice, orgeat and garnish with cayenne… X


Pernod, mint, orange juice, bitters, ginger syrup, cognac, ice and top with ginger beer… X


Have a wonderful Saturday



[Cocktail Book 2008]

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  1. Hi Cathy. Reading your blog, especially the lovely cocktail mixes, reminds me of a lovely book I’ve just read, ‘The Scent of You’ by Maggie Alderson. It features a perfume blogger who has the ability to identify the many ingredients that beautiful fragrances are composed of. I guess it’s Chic Lit for the mature reader but is a most affecting story spiced with pathos and sweetened with humour and a most interesting excursion into the world of perfume.

    1. Thank you so much for that suggested reading material Linda! From that beautiful description I can’t wait to read The Scent of You ! Xx

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