Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Do you stay awake at night wondering what to wear to this year’s Christmas Party? If so, then I have some ideas for you…

All white. See photo above. This outfit is very festive – with a hint to a winter wonderland theme – see what white items you have in your closet and then pair them all together – you can’t go wrong!


The LBD. Timeless, elegant and another safe choice that just works. Add a pop of colour in your shoes or bag for a nod to the cheer of Christmas.


Festive skirt + top combo. A way to wear something a little dazzling and Christmas-sy, without looking like you are off to a dress-up party after this one, is to pair a festive skirt with a top (or jumper) from your regular evening wardrobe!


Sparkly trousers. Fancy a bit of glitter and sparkle? But don’t want to look too fairy-ish? Pair sparkles with trousers for a fabulous (yet festive) nod to the masculine-inspired look.


Christmas Jumper. Last, but most certainly not least, you can always rely on the trusty, yet easily-made chic, Christmas Jumper!




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