Old Fashioned Beauty Tips

The women of around our mother or grandmothers age were, in my opinion, some of the most glamorous and iconic. Think Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood… I wanted to know their secrets on how they seemed so naturally glamorous, so I delved into some old fashioned housewife beauty secrets that women used to use, such as…

They would use baking soda on teeth as a natural teeth whitener

And popped raw potato slices on their eyes to combat dark circles

Retro women also used lemon juice to add highlights to their hair instead of going to the hairdresser

And they dabbed apple cider vinegar on pimples to dry them out

And used oranges to rub away dry elbow skin

Or olive oil to moisturise their skin – whichever skin type they had – there was a household beauty cure for it!

And they popped chilled (used) tea bags on their morning puffy eyes

Also they would mix rosewater + glycerine + witch hazel and use this as a hand cream

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Why you don’t need to dress your age

Who set the rule that you need to?

Whatever clothes make you feel strong and confident – those are the ones you should wear.

Your clothes are one way of telling the world your personality – not the number of years you’ve been in this world for – so make sure it’s actually you that likes the clothes you’re wearing!

Dress for the body you have, the body that has nurtured and carried you along with it for these years, and respect it. Don’t wear 3 inch heels if they are uncomfortable, don’t wear things you don’t feel yourself in.

Promise me you’ll dress like ‘you’, please?

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10 fashion rules you need to follow when you get to a certain age:

  1. Take off one thing before leaving the house – and then put it back on – because you picked that outfit perfectly and you don’t need to change a thing.
  2. Wear clothes you like, not trends.
  3. Wear colours you enjoy looking at, not ones that your “colour chart” says you can only wear.
  4. You don’t actually have to match your handbag with your shoes.
  5. You can wear blue denim to that dinner party.
  6. You can wear leggings and shorts and skirts and jackets and dresses and every type of clothing imaginable (just make sure it’s not just your birthday suit because legal rules do apply).
  7. Don’t bother trying to figure out if that item ‘matches’ the other, just wear it if you like the combination it gives.
  8. Baggy clothes and sleeves aren’t needed to ‘cover up’, whatever your age.
  9. If you invest in your clothing they’ll last longer, or if you buy cheaper clothing then you can get more items for your buck – it’s up to you!
  10. Wear your clothes at any length you desire – whatever you’re trying to hide I can bet only you can notice and you should love every part of your body as it’s been with you since the word go and has been so faithful to you.

I’m sure, by now, you’ve gathered that the real answer is: absolutely no rules at all need to be nor should they be followed!

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