Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Do you stay awake at night wondering what to wear to this year’s Christmas Party? If so, then I have some ideas for you…

All white. See photo above. This outfit is very festive – with a hint to a winter wonderland theme – see what white items you have in your closet and then pair them all together – you can’t go wrong!


The LBD. Timeless, elegant and another safe choice that just works. Add a pop of colour in your shoes or bag for a nod to the cheer of Christmas.


Festive skirt + top combo. A way to wear something a little dazzling and Christmas-sy, without looking like you are off to a dress-up party after this one, is to pair a festive skirt with a top (or jumper) from your regular evening wardrobe!


Sparkly trousers. Fancy a bit of glitter and sparkle? But don’t want to look too fairy-ish? Pair sparkles with trousers for a fabulous (yet festive) nod to the masculine-inspired look.


Christmas Jumper. Last, but most certainly not least, you can always rely on the trusty, yet easily-made chic, Christmas Jumper!



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Parisian style

Ah the Parisian – the well-known epitome of effortless chic.

Elegant, feminine and a sophisticated taste – these words come to mind to describe her.

She knows what flatters her body type (any type is the beautiful type), wears hardly any makeup (as she is comfortable as she is) and owns many pairs of ballet flats (she combines comfort and fashion).

Coco Chanel once famously whispered “fashion fades and only style remains”.

This is true!

How many times have you bought something ‘on-trend’, only for a week later to need the next big thing, then the next – it is an exhausting race to try to keep up with!

I say, invest in classic, timeless and ‘you’ pieces – items that you know you will love and wear years down the track! French women know this too!

So please, be like the Parisian:

  • Know you are beautiful – inside and out (cheesy but true!)
  • Never rely on a ‘makeup mask’ – see point above
  • Always be comfortable with whatever you wear – no itchy jumpers!
  • Don’t invest too much time or money into trends – they come and they go – your personal style always remains!

(Image credit: Caroline De Maigret & Vogue) 

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