Happy Friday!

May your Friday be beautiful,
May your weekend be joyful,
And may all your moments be wonderful!

– Unknown

My tip for the day: how about taking an old friend out for a coffee! We often fall out of touch with people, as life has a habit of sometimes getting busy and in the way! But it takes only one text message to reach out and rekindle an old friendship… what do you have to lose?

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All about flowers!

Flowers bring me so much happiness, my favourites are Old-fashioned Roses, Lilys and Orchids. Everyone has their favourites, and I love to find out what my friends’ favourite blooms are for gift purposes! Arranging them for myself in a vase or tying them up to gift to a friend is a grand hobby of mine! Also, cake. Cake is a hobby of mine, and if you add some edible flowers to it… well… try and stop me from enjoying it!

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