Tiny self care additions to add to your week ahead

Monday: Go to bed early with a book, a hot water bottle, a cup of decaf hot drink and get 8 hours of sleep.

Tuesday: Take yourself for an early morning walk, listen to your favourite music and try cloud-gazing for a few moments.

Wednesday: Organize your drawers and cupboards (or even your social media feed) for an hour whilst listening to nature sounds on Spotify.

Thursday: Send someone an anonymous gift or treat yourself to that item that you’ve been wanting for ages.

Friday: Bake cupcakes, or cook for yourself or buy a healthy frozen meal so you don’t have to cook for yourself!

Saturday: Say no to alcohol and instead treat yourself to a spa evening with candles lit, and pamper yourself with a facial, body scrub, nails painted and so on! 

Sunday: Take yourself on a date today, it could be going to a museum/theatre/gallery/cinema/gardens etc but get out of the house.

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How to find a good book


I recently saw a library covering up books in brown paper and selling them, so that you can’t judge it on its cover. I really love this idea! Especially when it involves nestling up by the window with a cup of hot tea!



Here are some book recommendations from yours truly, however I encourage you to try reading one that you may not usually go for, it might just surprise you!

  • Try reading a book about a movie you’ve seen – there’s often lots that doesn’t hit the big screen due to time constraints etc. I often find I actually enjoy the book more so than the movie!
  • Try a book that will teach you something new about the world you live in!
  • Adult colouring book… need I say more?
  • Pick a different genre each month.
  • Join a book club.
  • Pick something new, like a baking book or book about gardening and learn a new skill!
  • Check in with WHSmith’s top book charts.
  • Ask your mum, dad, sister, brother, best friend, grandparent, neighbour – what their favourite book is!
  • Finally, if you’re feeling brave – simply walk in to a book store – find a book that takes your fancy by cover and title (yes, judge it by the cover) – NEVER look at the back – buy it – read it – be surprised!


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